Mama and Louise

Like a guilty conscience, pit bull dog owners defend their dogs. 

Patsy, 2011 copyright Ann Bennett

The dog had been dumped at a vet’s office with a broken leg.  Obviously part black lab which can be some of the gentlest dogs, I named her Louise.  Such a gentle soul who is  the kind of pit bull that is bred by back yard dog fighters.  Louise walks around the house like a pious hillbilly kowtowing to all the mutts.



Her first week at the house, Louise knew the 9 pound, 15 year old poodle was obviously special.  Her best friend is a 20 pound poodle mix and her strawboss is a German Shepherd mix.   I’ve added a pregnant Jack Russell/Chihauhau mix.   Louise has had a hard time accepting Checkers taking over her cage in the bedroom.  All of my pets including the two cats take turns in the cage for serious resting.   Checkers sits like a miserable prisoner.   All that pregnant power has to be contained at times.

Checkers and Louise are probably the same age.   Checkers knows that size and energy can be a problem.   They have a truce that hinges on Louise doing exactly what Checkers wants.   Since it works for them, I don’t interfere.  Louise’s unbridled enthusiasm becomes so gentle and  exudes solicitousness to my  82 year old mother that nothing else in the house enjoys except an elderly cat.  No one talks to the paw.



With the heat of summer, Louise gets a reprieve from the midday sun in the house.  She is usually on the unused twin bed in my mother’s bedroom with my mother’s knowledge instead of her dog bed.  The dog looks longer, lankier and has that certain self satisfied snobbish look of a dowager at a tea party.  The little black dog with a green stick fracture to my house cried when she first came.  Gentle nursing by an elderly yellow lab in the garage slowly gave her confidence.   All that playful energy had to be contained in a cage to give a rest to the injured leg for the first week.  A watchful eye on aggression really never was needed.  Driving into the driveway, a familiar rabbit scurries from the water pool in the front yard.   Louise rises to meet me.


The raw power and jaw of her breed gently she bites my mother’s hand as she pets her.  Dog fighters manipulate fear and insecurity to produce their fighters.  At the vets office when she received her shots and was spayed, the vet told me that there is no truth about pits and pit mixes being dangerous.  They are like people.   They have the personality of the company they keep.  Her best friend is a 20 pound poodle mix I found hitch-hiking along a busy highway.   They gaily spend their days pouncing in the tall grass of my pasture in hunt of the country mouse.


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