More about Dogs, I’ll talk about sex later.

Checkers is the new mother of five pups.   This blog is not about dogs; its about REM, bitches, politics, sex and whatever else comes to mind.


In the two weeks Checkers has lived in my home, she has had time to meet all the dogs, cats and humans.    Presently, she is fiercely defending her first and last litter at the expense of her relationship with the black tom kitty.   All the dogs can get over it, tom is deeply offended. He may not tolerate her in the bathroom licking the empty cat food can as he dines.  Louise went to look at the puppies and stood frozen in the doorway at the snarling little dog.   I coaxed Louise out of the doorway.   Checkers was ready to tip the plastic tub over with her babies in a fit of rage.  When the God’s decide to destroy you, they make you angry.

Checkers has trained me well.   A few sharp barks means, I need to go out to pee.   Carry me or I’ll chew up your pit bull as I go through the garage.   A lactating dog needs more food.  Having sat with her as she whelped her pups, she has them pushed to the back and gives me a stern look.  In six weeks, she will bite one for interrupting her nap.  It’s not that I am a dog lover that makes me admires her.   Its the purity of her emotion.  My last year of teaching, I had this pain in the ass mother who came to school with her latest indignation of her child being abused on a too regular basis.   There is a certain admiration you feel for someone snorting and softly stomping their foot as they impatiently wait to give you hell for your transgression.   A transgression deeply rooted in a child’s desire to always get their way and a mother’s lingering memories of being picked on in school.  In the end, the mom was always reasonable, the child really was a good girl, they were just lost in the passion of the moment.  Being an outsider looking in gives you distance.


In a writers workshop, the leader summed up the problem with another writers work.  Too much foreplay, he needed to stop and get to the heart of the story.   I was so impressed.   I had always heard, “Shit or get off the pot.”   Checkers is barking.   Val Kilmer is my topic tomorrow.

  1. Cassandra Lavender said:

    I am so glad we were able to find her such a good home!! I miss her as she was such a loving dog, but she is much better off with you and not biting Sabin.

    • She is taking motherhood seriously. All the dog training about getting along with the other animals has temporarily gone done the drain. I have had two older dogs, one died this year that I called dragons because of all the smack they would talk. We have been calling Checkers the dragonfly. She is a sweet girl; but, too much for a four year old. My other dogs are gentle which is good. She bit everyone of them yesterday. Except for the elderly poodle, the last dragon, they have all pinned her. I think I have homes for all the pups already. I appreciate the dog. Everybody in the house has fallen in love with her. Since she is so light, I think she will spend a great deal of time in my mother’s lap. Thanks Cassandra.

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