Val Kilmer rocks at 53.

What happened to Val Kilmer?   Apparently growing older and losing the battle of the bulge is not understood.   These critics are like some women in the gym with thighs as big as your ass who gives you a lecture about how to diet.

Since when are people not at the zenith of their career failures.  Just to be a flash in the pan is more than some talented people ever got.   Andy Warhol said everyone will get 15 minutes of fame.  For me, it was the laughter of children in my classroom. Bob Hope sustained a lifelong career.  Sometimes people get the opportunity of a lifetime and complain.   Not every actor gets to play Othello.  Othello would not be that special if they did.

People show up as extras and are sent home with the minimum pay for that day.  They tolerate whatever comes along in hopes of a better opportunity. The entertainment industry heart of stone profit is based on its commercial successes.   Sentimentality does not get in the way of the product. Today’s star is replaced with someone new. A soap opera takes precedence over an art film.

The golden boys and girls of the media face the same issues of us all.   The glamour of their lives is the result of promotion.    The Paris Hilton who was paid to come to nightclubs and parties can’t get her picture taken at a film festival today.   There was no substance just promotion. This is why the millionaire next door drives a beat-up used car.

After 50, you are lucky to be still living. That is what is so special about youth.   It is every individuals golden age.  Val Kilmer is no longer a twenty something Adonis but he can still act.


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